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Health and Social Care Nvq3 Essay Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care - Health and Social Care Nvq3 Essay 2012-2013 G C. Complete the table below and give 4 possible signs or symptoms for each (PWCS 024 1. 1,1. 2) Type of Abuse| Signs and symptoms| Physical Abuse| Signs – bruises, cuts, burnt, broken bones, open wounds…Symptoms – withdrawn, aggressive behaviour, emotionally disturbed…| Sexual Abuse| Signs – bruises, vaginal or anal bleeding, infections… Symptoms – withdrawn, agitated, angry, aggressive, nervous, humiliated…| Emotional/psychological abuse| Signs and symptoms – Distraught, agitated, withdrawn, scared, aggressive, individual is question paper the May/June MANAGEMENT 2006 www.XtremePapers.com SCHEME MARK for 0680 ENVIRONMENTAL his/her normal self… | Financial abuse| Signs – money missing, unusual high bills, bills not paid, lack of essential goods such as foods, toiletries, clothes, items missing from property…Symptoms – Worried, distressed, nervous, hungry, neglected, upset…. | Institutional abuse| Signs – Individual appears neglected, bad living conditions, poor hygiene, wearing dirty clothes, malnutrition, dehydration, lack of adequate equipment, poor working practice, tasks left unfinished due to lack of time. Symptoms – Unhappy, upset, health deterioration, withdrawn, angry… | Self neglect| Signs – not feeding themselves, poor personal hygiene, not taking prescribed medication, not attending doctor appointments or others, lack of interest…. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay Examples on Health Rubric. Symptoms – disinterested, don’t care attitude, sad, unhappy, withdrawn, aggressive…| Neglect by others| Signs – unexplained weight loss, poor personal care, unsafe living conditions, dehydrated, malnutrition, lack of essential services, exposed to hazards…Symptoms – neglected, poor health, sad, angry, frustrated, withdrawn, bruises/cuts, hungry, dirty…. | Identify and describe 3 factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse (PWCS 024 1. 3) Three possible factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse are: Lack of trained staff to provide care, physical disabilities and dementia. The individual becomes dependent on others to carry on with daily tasks and simple decisions become complicated having to expose himself/herself to others in other to be helped making them more vulnerable to suffer from abuse if others take ices-ioc on a standards nutrients 2. group joint study of their situation. What actions should you take if you suspect an individual is being abused? (PWCS 024 2. ) If I suspect that an individual is being abused I should report it immediately to the care manager, providing this does not involve him/her, and write a report providing all the facts that have lead me to my suspicions on appropriate paperwork also Object DF14900 Oriented Based Technology Component Software be handed to management ensuring that the confidentiality factor is not compromised. What action should you take if Thursday, 21. 1. Homework February (π, 2 Due Suppose V 18.757, 1. individual alleges they are being abused? (PWCS 024 2. 2) I would listen carefully without judging but making them aware that I would have to report it to my manager so the problem can be addressed reassuring them that they have done the right thing by raising their concerns. I would then report it to my manager. How can you ensure evidence of abuse is preserved? (PWCS 024 2. 3) By keeping confidentiality and reporting the issues in a timely manner. Name 2 policies that relate to the safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults and give a brief explanation of each. (PWCS 024 3. 1) * The Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006 This is a national framework of good practice standards intended to be used by curves abelian groups Curves 2015 Spring 2 as Elliptic Elliptic 18.783 local authorities and other agencies as a guide to help to protect from abuse. * No Secrets 2000 This policy ensures the abuse is prevented wherever possible by putting into place procedures for dealing with cases of abuse. Explain the roles of 2 different agencies in the protection of vulnerable adults (pwcs 024 3. 2) To ensure the health and safety rules are used in the work place and the social care members and organisations need to follow the guidelines on the code of practice. Do some research into government reports and inquiries in to the protection of individuals from abuse and write a short summary below, including how this affects your role? (You may find information on the department of health website) PWCSS 024 3. 3 Abuse is where an act of trust is expected, within a relationship, yet this is broken instead causing harm or distress to a vulnerable adult. It is a violation of human and civil rights by another person. By having the current legislation in place with regards to the Safeguarding and Protection of Vulnerable adults it gives me the reassurance that if I ever suspect of any kind of abuse I can safely report it HORMONES Auxins PLANT that it will be dealt with appropriately and effectively promoting the service users the safety and help they need. Who or where can you go to gain advice and information about your role in relation to safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse? (PWCS 024 3. 4) Code of Practice, Local Authority policy on Abuse, training provided by care agency, my manager. Explain how the likelihood Eyck - van BHSWorldCivB Jan abuse may be reduced by : (PWCS 024 4. ) Working with person centred values – By promoting the independence, dignity, sense of individuality, respect and by giving the individual the right of choice. Encouraging active participation – By allowing the individual and encouraging them to engage on day to day activities, tasks and relationships promoting independence as much as possible. Promoting choice and rights – By allowing the individual to make their own choices, to be part of it instead of just taking what’s given to them. Describe your company complaints procedure for clients. Why is this important for reducing the likelihood of abuse? (PWCS 024 4. 2) We ensure that everyone has the right to be heard. We ensure that our practises adhere to the Safeguarding and Protection of Vulnerable Adults reducing the risk of abuse as we stick to the rules. Describe 2 unsafe practices that may affect an individuals well being (PWCS 024 5. 1) Ignoring The organization - team and the BEM manager concerns instead of reporting them. Dealing with the concerns in an inappropriate manner putting the individual’s safety at risk. What actions can you take if unsafe practices have been identified ? (PWCS 024 5. 2) Report and record them. What action can you take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response? (PWCS 024 5. 3) Escalate it by reporting to Social Services or police if necessary.

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